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eTrainingsIndia is one the India’s Leading online training providers. We partner with companies and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals.

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We are one of the India’s leading online training providers. We are well-established software professionals as a group, we have started this online training program on demand of our teammates, as most of the working professionals are looking for tech up their skills into their respective technologies.

Based in Hyderabad, India, we have helped over 10,000+ professionals and corporates across 100+ countries get trained with us and tech up their employees.


eTrainingsIndia confidently says that through our online sessions you will gain knowledge in your desired technologies and also the real-time problem-solving capability. Using some proven technical solutions we can help in solving all your technical related queries, no matter how tough those are!It is likely to be managed professionally.

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To make any technology learning easy, interesting, affordable and accessible to the maximum number of learners across the Globe.

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To create an alternative learning platform, using a unique learning method of live online interactive courses. We aim to empower our learners with the skills which will help them, upgrade their careers. By leveraging technology and building an echo system of industry learners, we aim to become the largest and most engaging skill transforming platform across the Globe.

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We have the group of working professionals, who are currently serving for major MNC companies, having minimum 10+ years of real-time experience and having minimum 6-8 years of e-Training experience.

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Azure Online Training

Microsoft has leveraged its stabilized-improving universal network of data centers to create Azure, azure is a cloud platform for building, deploying, and managing services and applications, anywhere globally. Platform as a service (PaaS) model of Azure lets you to add cloud capabilities to existing network c, or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) entrust Microsoft with all of your computing and network needs

  Overview of Cloud services

 What is cloud services?

 Traditional vs Cloud Services comparison

 Features, services offered and advantages of cloud services.

 Understanding Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud.

 Understanding IaaS, PaaS, SaaS modules.

 Cloud service & Microsoft Azure

 Evolution of Microsoft Azure.

 Azure Data-centers

 Service and regions

 Physical Security

 Azure Compute, App and Data services

 Categorizing azure with the different services or use.

 Components available with each module.

 Azure Virtual Private Network

 Introduction to VPN.

 Brief understanding of Affinity group

 Creating virtual network

 Adding VM to Virtual network

 Point to Site Netowrk

 Site to Site Network (include VPN gateway)

 Express Route

 Lan practice

 Regional Availability and High Availability


 Regional Availability

 Service Availability

 Regional Data-centers

 High Availability

 Azure Virtual Machine

 IaaS VM limits

 Azure VM Tiers

 Azure VM Tier Demo with Windows Server

 Azure VM Tier Demo with Linux Server

 Azure Availability Sets. Fault domains and Update Domain


 Fault and update domain

 Availability set

 Availability Set demo

 Azure Storage services

 Introduction to Storage services

 Types of storage in Azure: Blob, Table, Queue, Table(No SQL)

 What is Blob: page blob, block blob.

 Creating storage account in azure cloud.

 Lab practice on storage

 Azure Active Directory



 Azure AD

 Azure AD Synchronization

 Azure AD Directory Services

 Azure Static IP Addresss


 Static IP Addressing

 Static private IP addresses

 Removing static Private addresses

 Reserved Public Ip Addresses

 Instance Level Public IP Addresses

 Lab Practice

 Azure Network Security and ACL

 Introduction to NSG and ACL.

 NSG Rule Properties

 Default tags

 NSG Associations

 Managing NSGs

 Lab practice on NSG

 ACLs Permit and Deny Rule

 Rule Order

 Lab Practice on ACL

 Azure Load Balancer and Traffic Manager


 Load Balanacers Types

 Internet facing load balancer

 Internal facing load balancer

 Lab practice on load balancer

 Traffic Manager

 lab proactice on traffic manager

 Azure Cloud services

 Cloud service basics

 Web Role and Worker Role

 Crate and deploy a cloud service in portal

 Backup and Disaster Recovery in Azure

 Need for disaster recovery and DR basics

 Planning for disaster recovery

 Hyper-V VM protection

 Migrating VM to Azure

 Backing up data to Azure from on-premise

 Azure Multi factor authentication


 MFA method

 Troubleshooting MFA

 Configuring MFA

 Changing service settings

 Lab Practice

 Azure Media Services and Content Delivery Network

 Azure Media Services

 Asset Files and Encryption

 Access Policy, BLOBs and Locations

 Jobs, Programs and Endpoints

 Azure CDN

 Lab Practice

 Azure Database


 SQL Database (Managed relational database)

 SQL Database IaaS

 Redis Cache

 Document DB

 Lab Practice

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