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S L Sensors offer a range of single pH electrodes, reference electrodes, combination pH electrodes, metallic electrodes, conductivity electrodes, industrial pH electrodes for many industrial applications. Customer support and Service are an integral part of our business development and growth with a range of services to assist customers including planning, installation, commissioning, training, troubleshooting, maintenance and calibration to traceable standards all part of the comprehensive package we can offer. We market, distribute and support our products globally through a network of S L Sensors trained distributors ensuring our customers have competent experienced specialists serving and supporting them.

S L Sensors is a widely recognized for electrode products, has always been driven by an international, innovative and responsible mindset to shape the transformation of the industry. We offer comprehensive process solutions for flow, level, analysis, temperature, recording and digital communications across a wide range of industries, optimizing processes with regards to economic efficiency, safety and environmental protection. Using the latest technology, these products are highly essential for various automation and Instrumentation operations and processes and are widely used by our clients.

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Single pH Electrodes

pH electrode reference electrode is separated from the external solution by the junction through which the electrolyte leaks.

Reference Electrodes

A reference electrode has a fixed electrochemical potential and is used to apply a potential difference to the electrode.

Combination pH Electrodes

Combination pH electrodes for measuring the pH of solutions which have a combined reference and measuring cell in a single body.

Metallic Electrodes

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Conductivity Electrodes

Conductivity electrodes work with conductivity meters to measure the electrical conductivity in a solution.

Industrial pH Electrodes

In many applications in industry and research it is necessary to monitor continuously the pH value using pH electrodes.



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