How much time it takes to recover my important data ?

Nearly 70%of the recovery cases are recovered at VIGNA DATA RECOVERY, HYDERABAD in not more than three working days successfully, and in few cases it may take time.

What will be the minimum recovery charges ?

Recovery charges will be known only after diagnosing the hard disk , usually within a day or two . In most of the cases the minimum charges(i.e.,starting price) can be known in 5 to 10 min after your visit at VIGNA DATA RECOVERY, HYDERABAD.

Is it possible to Recover from damaged RAID configured SAS hard disks ?

Yes , data recovery from DAMAGED RAID SAS HARD DISKS which include RAID0 ,RAID1, RAID5, RAID6, RAID10 can be recovered at VIGNA DATA RECOVERY HYDERABAD.

What are the operating systems that Vigna can recover ?

Data recovery from WINDOWS , LINUX , MAC and other customized operating systems are handled by VIGNA DATA RECOVERY, HYDERABAD.

What are the damaged file systems that Vigna can recover ?

VIGNA recovers data from FAT ,FAT32 , ex FAT , NTFS ,EXT2/3/4 ,UFS , hfs+ ,ReiserFS , SGI XFS , LINUX JFS , ISO9660 , SUN ZFS , UDF , VMFS and other file systems.

Do you recover from encrypted hard disks ?

YES , data recovery from inbuilt encrypted hard disks ( locked hard disk ) of all makes i.e .Seagate , Western Digitals ,Hitachi , Toshiba ,Samsung ,fujitsu. We also recover from software encrypted hard disks , example Bit Locker , EEPC (MCAFEE end point encryption ) etc.

What is the procedure at Vigna ?

a. Hand over the faulty hard disk along with empty backup hdd at our collection point.

b. Know the starting recovery charges in your case.

c. Data recovery will be completed if there is no change in estimation.

d. Verify the recovered data remotely from your location.

e. Once satisfied with recovered data then payment can be made onlinev

f. Recovered data will be copied in to backup hard disk and is then ready to collect.

My hdd is formatted and reinstalled operating system. Can i get back my old data ?

Good possibilities if you installed only old operating system and not copied any data.

Deleted one folder long back, is it possible to recover my old folder ?

Recovery possibilities depends on how much data you copied in that perticular partition / volume after deleting. If you copied less data then good chances to recover and if copied more then less chances.